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CROSS MARINE PROJECTS under the direction of Jim Cross a 30 year veteran of underwater and marine construction provides a full range of marine services including commercial diving, underwater demolition and construction, photographic inspection of support structures, storage facilities, docks and piers, pipelines, dams and containment facilities.
Using the latest in commercial diving and marine technology, MPC can handle the most demanding projects.
We are able to assist in pre-project planning, design, marine surveys and topographical mapping.
We can oversee operations as quality control specialists or perform the actual work required.
Jim Cross prepares to enter the water from the crest of a California dam. He is about to install thermal mixing panels. A double lock recompression chamber can be seen in the background.
A special pneumatic dive support barge designed by Cross is being used to inspect and repair floating drum gates. These heavy haul barges can be transported to remote areas to provide fast and economical service.
Any project designed or operated by MPC will have the latest in support and safety equipment. This includes onsite recompression chambers and related equipment.

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