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Vision Statement

NEPID Principles

NEPID will promote the participation of the Ethiopian Diaspora in the fight against HIV/AIDS by :

Establishing a regularly updated and comprehensive data base on individuals and organizations in the Diaspora that have the skills and experience needed to build capacity in Ethiopia in the national campaign against HIV/AIDS;
Providing members with detailed information on the needs and opportunities to participate in the national program, and the qualifications required;
Facilitating a match between national needs and available Diaspora resources, assisting in the contracting process to ensure consistency of terms and conditions, and ensuring that the interests of both sides are maximized and reconciled;


NEPID will operate according to the following principles:

The highest priority is service to those infected, those at risk, and the victims of AIDS in Ethiopia. This will be used as the basis for evaluating the contributions and performance of NEPID; and will be the reference standard for resolving any disputes among members.
While NEPID will work with both public and non-governmental organizations, NEPID will operate as an independent, unaffiliated organization.
NEPID recognizes the diversity and variation that exists in the professional and personal circumstances of members of the Diaspora, and will cater to and support this diversity. This means that NEPID will serve both those who are able to provide voluntary services, and those who can participate only through remunerated assignments.
NEPID recognizes that the campaign against AIDS requires the involvement and collaboration of multiple agencies and donors, and will therefore represent the widest range possible of Ethiopian and donor partners.

Planned Activities

In order to fulfill its mission, NEPID has planned to engage in the following activities:
Development and maintenance of a NEPID Website
Development and dissemination of a newsletter regarding HIV/AIDS both in the Ethiopian Diaspora communities and in Ethiopia
Development and maintenance of a database of professionals in the Diaspora committed to NEPID's mission
Development of forums to allow dialogue and discussion among members and stakeholders of the Ethiopian Diaspora
Facilitation of volunteer opportunities in the Ethiopian
 About NEPID  Data Base  Newsletter  Events  Publications  Contact Us  Links