About me:  

    Let me briefly introduce myself. My name is Petra, I am Brett Hensley's wife. I always liked the graphic design work you have done for Scopelink over the years, that is why I am turning to you for a big favor.

    I have a website in mind I would like to start and need someone talented as you to help me with layout. To briefly introduce you to it- it would be basically a non profit organization for raising awareness about trafficking of young kids and women in eastern europe. I've already purchased the name for the web site- it is called www.jaybird.org.

    The jay bird is the focus of the design. I've included a couple pictures of the bird I really like and some pictures of the background I took in my camera. I would like to make it semi dark, but yet not too depressing. Ideally using white, grey, some black colors. I would like to focus on the blue color of the bird feathers (as a sign of hope). I am also going to give you a freedom as an artist to use your imagination.

   I trust your work. I would really appreciate if you have time to work with me on this. Please, let me know what your financial expectations of doing this and your time frame. Also, if you have any questions about areas I wasn't clear about, please contact me. I hope and am looking forward to work on this with you. Sincerely, Petra Hensley