Our jewellery and metalwork is sold in galleries, special exhibitions and craft shows. Or you can order the work shown here through our toll-free number at the bottom of the page.

We work in similar materials, but we design and work on our own separate pieces of jewellery.

Materials include: brass, copper, bronze, sterling silver, copper nitrate patina (a chemical heated onto the surface, also called 'verdigris'), 24k gold leaf and more unusual materials such as concrete.

Our jewellery is made with traditional techniques such as sawing, filing, forging (with a hammer and anvil), fusing (joining silver together almost at its melting temperature), etching, soldering and casting. But we also use newer techniques such as roller-printing (where a paper texture is impressed in the surface of the metal), fold-forming, etching and multiple-metal laminations (where several different metals are soldered together).

In our work we looks for richness of texture combined with common symbols: spirals, circles, moon-shapes, hands. Her recent work involves fossils found in the area, and their references to memory and family.