Content and Screen Shots
    The CD has been designed for children of Ethiopian parents growing up outside of Ethiopia.
    But both Ethiopian parents, parents of non-Ethiopians and other interested adults will appreciate the simplicity of CD-ROMs. The material is arranged so that it can also be used by those teaching organized Amharic classes. Depending on the different levels of the students in a given class, the teacher should be able to adapt it to his or her lesson plans.    Naomi CD-ROM has been presented in a way that is both entertaining and educational.

   The process is divided into four parts: LEARNING, PRACTICE, ENTERTAINMENT and VOCABULARY BUILDING.
   Using this method, students are attracted to spending time with the Naomi CD-ROM that might have been spent on computer games or browsing the Internet.

   Using the four-part scheme of LEARNING, PRACTICE, ENTERTAINMENT and VOCABULARY BUILDING makes the CD-ROM more like a computer game than a language learning tool. Please click each section to view it in separate Window to have the feel of the CD-ROM .

   You can RECORD your voice and PLAY your recording to a Native Speaker.
   This feature also encourages students to speak.
I tried to make the Game menu we have as a back ground and show game screens partly.

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