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    The answer is really quite simple.
    Families in the Santa Clarita Valley wanted a magazine that catered to family and youth activities. Activity groups were looking for creative and innovative ways to let the community know what’s available.

     The Santa Clarita Youth Guide was created to cater to these needs … creating a partnership between families and youth groups.

     In the Youth Guide, you’ll find a wide variety of activities ranging from learning basic etiquette to mastering a martial art. And, it is all laid out in a easy-to-read manner where you can quickly find the right activity. Then, we make it simple to join in the fun. You can either:

     • Mail in the attached registration form;
     • Register at www.santaclaritayouthguide.org; or,
     • Visit our Resource Center on Smyth Drive and fill out a registration form.


     The Youth Guide also features information on health and education. And, it promotes the many community activities that take place across the Valley.

     This is my community, where my family and I live, work and play. I can’t be more excited about being able to bring a much needed resource to our Valley.

     So, take a look at the Youth Guide, visit us on Smyth Drive or on the web, or just give us a call. Let us know what you think and what more you want to see. Let’s help our families grow together.

     For now, I want to thank all of the advertisers and businesses that know we’ve got a great thing going here! Together, we will make it all happen.

     Thank you!